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Bingo Games

Ever since they first came to be, bingo games have been extremely popular. Bingo sites, along with mobile apps are the main place people play bingo games nowadays. Bingo Games, however, have been around for much longer than the Internet revolution came to be. Since the very first versions, there have been more coming out every single year, and the business of Bingo Games is one of the largest in the world. However, because of more strict government regulations, it is slowly declining.

History of Bingo Games

The history of bingo takes us back to 1530, in Italy, where it originated from the Italian lottery. The game then started being played in France, by the French aristocrats, then Great Britain, and by the 18th century, It spread all over Europe. 500 years later, it’s still being played and is one of the most popular games on the planet. The origins of the modern version are unclear, as well as the name. The game has changed a lot over the years, with newer versions coming out almost every day it seems like. Bingo games are a lot more accessible nowadays as well. Whereas in the past, you had to join clubs or go to events, later it became available throughout whole countries on TV, and you could participate simply by watching. And now, you can play any version of the game you want, just by using your desktop or mobile device.

The Business of Bingo

In the US, bingo is mainly organized in churches or charities. Due to different regulations, the stakes vary in each state. Commercially, bingo is mainly offered in casinos in Nevada and in different Native American bingo halls. The primary location of these halls is in Cheektowaga, New York, which has one bingo hall for every 6,800 residents.

The more traditional version of bingo is still available today, as participants can buy tickets for lotteries that run every week. The games are broadcast on TV and it gives the winner a very large jackpot, however, they are very difficult to win.

Electronic versions of bingo are slowly replacing the traditional bingo halls, who started losing the interest of the public due to many different entertainment options starting to be available. The revenue for these halls dropped from 250 to 50$ million in the past ten years.

Different Variations of Bingo

From the early forms of bingo, there have been many new variations that came out. Some of these are:

National Bingo Games

Most countries have their own televised bingo show. Players can participate by buying tickets and watching the result on TV. One of the most popular national bingo games is the UK version called Gala Bingo.

Death Bingo

This is a version of the game, where the player who gets a bingo is eliminated. The winner is the player who fills the most spaces on their board before getting a bingo.

Facebook Bingo

The Facebook version is different from other online or land-based games. Here, players can use “power-ups” to gain an advantage over their opponents. Players can also collect, buy and share items with friends, which adds to the community aspect of the game.

Horse Racing Bingo

As much as 15 players are given a random number from 1 to 15 which corresponds with the top row of the flashboard. The first person to have drawn all 5 numbers wins. This version of bingo is typically played for fun, in fraternities.