Allergic to Sweat

Even though is not very common, there are people who are allergic to sweat. Such is the case of Caitlin McComish, a college student who excels at soccer. However, she has a problem: she is heavily allergic to her own transpiration. She is a member of her college’s soccer team, however, she has been near to death twice due to an allergic reaction which happened after a run.

She said she started to experience a really sore stomach, itchy hands, and cold feet. She claims these feelings to be very strong and scared her a lot but she waited. Then, she started feeling itchy and she experienced heat waves all through her body. Her throat was swollen and she couldn’t speak because her tongue grew thick as well. 

She then called for help and she survived but the doctors claimed she would have died if she had waited to make that call. The name of this allergy is called Urticaria. This is a hies disorder which can happen to some people when exposed to heat and sweat. Urticaria is actually pretty common but, its symptoms tend to be really mild. However, there is a huge portion of society who, as Caitlin, can experience more heavy symptoms. 

The Vinsanity Six-Pack Shred: KILLER ABS!

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The Language of Desire Book: find out how good it is!

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